SEASON 1. “1000 Degrees”

“1000 degrees” is the temperature at which the parcel bomb exploded at Medilens, on December 16, 1994. Medilens was a small contact lenses company based in Portet-Sur-Garonne, France. Its owners, Mr. and Mrs Hernandez opened the package and were severely injured. On their way to the hospital, they told the police that Daniel Massé did it. They have no doubt about it: their former colleague tried to kill them.

Daniel Massé was sentenced to 25 years in prison for attempted murder. He was released in 2017 after spending 17 years of his life in jail. He has been claiming his innocence for 25 years.

For several months, Adele Humbert and Emilie Denètre investigated this story to provide some new elements in this particularly interesting case.

"1000 Degrees" is a 10-episode podcast series produced Insider Podcast. Every Monday, you can listen to a new episode on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Deezer.

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Sound-design & music : Vincent Guiot.

Illustrations : Elise Enjalbert.

Daniel Massé had the motive for the crime and he had the technical expertise to build the bomb so it could only be him
— Simon Cohen, Hernandez' lawyer
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I was wrongfully convicted.
— Daniel Massé